Our cakes are always made from scratch, to order, using the finest and freshest ingredients available. This cake flavors menu lists some of our favorites, but cakes can be mixed, matched and made custom just for you!

Vanilla Cake:

Butter vanilla cake brushed with grand marnier syrup and filled with white chocolate buttercream.

Wedding Cake:

Almond cake brushed with amaretto syrup, filled with almond vanilla buttercream.

Lemon Cake:

Lemon cake brushed with lemon syrup, filled with tart lemon curd and raspberry buttercream.
*Fresh berries may be added based upon availability for an extra cost.

Vanilla or Chocolate Coconut Passion Cake:

Butter vanilla cake or buttermilk chocolate cake brushed with montanya rum syrup, filled with passion fruit curd and coconut montanya rum buttercream.
*Add fresh strawberries for the VIP treatment, when available for an extra cost.

Mocha Swirl Cake:

Butter vanilla and espresso cake swirled together, brushed with coffee syrup, filled with mocha chip buttercream.

Red Velvet Cake:

Tender “red” chocolate cake, filled with cream cheese mascarpone mousse.

German Chocolate Cake:

Buttermilk chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and creamy pecan coconut filling.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake:

Buttermilk chocolate cake with raspberry jam and chocolate buttercream.
*Sub fresh raspberries for an additional cost, when available.

Old Fashioned Carrot Cake:

Carrot cake with or without nuts, filled with cream cheese mascarpone mousse.

Triple Chocolate Cake:

Our Signature buttermilk chocolate cake with truffle ganache and chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate Caramel Praline Cake:

Layers of buttermilk chocolate cake, ribbons of salted caramel sauce and caramel praline buttercream.

Almond Joy:

Almond butter cake brushed with frangelico syrup, filled with chocolate ganache and coconut buttercream.

~Gluten free cakes are available upon request for an additional charge~

Cake Flavors Menu from Wildflour Sweets in Crested Butte, Colorado
Article Name
Cake Flavors Menu from Wildflour Sweets in Crested Butte, Colorado
Check out the cake flavors menu which describes the flavorings that we have to offer for specialty cakes at Wildflour Sweets.